137. The Ghost Ship Orang Medan — Flying Dutchman

Ships respond to a distress call from another vessel only to find everyone on board dead. Or did they?

The Dutch Translations:

English Newspaper story from 1940



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One thought on “137. The Ghost Ship Orang Medan — Flying Dutchman

  1. I enjoyed this whole ghost story and you made it make sense and it remiinded me of my own family stories passed down through the ages that I simply roll eyes and to myself say – that just didn’t happen.

    On a different note, I just couldn’t get into Legal Briefs.. I’ve only attempted two of them but you two were just too silly and Alice talks too fast. I might try one more maybe. Johnny Depp was better than Ineffective counsel. Actually really you guys, to me the best part of your Prosecutors podcast is the legal stuff and I venture to say that most of your listeners tune in because it’s legal stuff and since the name of it is “Prosecutor”, legal stuff is expected. It’s not boring. So, maybe I take things too serious but legal stuff is serious and I thought you two were’t taking it seriously. Enjoyed Casey Anthony tho.


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