110. The Murder of Annie Le — Bright College Years

Five days before her wedding, Yale doctoral student, Annie Le, vanished from the Ivy League campus. Rumors swirled that she was a runaway bride–that is–until her decomposing body was found stuffed into the walls of the famed university.


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2 thoughts on “110. The Murder of Annie Le — Bright College Years

  1. Guys, omg, I thought I was going to lose my mind with all the repetitive dialogue… not your best work but I suffered through it because I’m a fan.

    The reason he raped her was because he is a predator, a closet predator…he could not control his monster. His emotions had nothing to do with Annie’s murder, imo, none, nada.

    I was waiting for substance, more legal explanation.. Like, who gets to decide an alfred plea. Just the word plea tells me there must have been bargaining – by who? The prosecutors, her family? Did the prosecutors just want to close another case? So he pleaded guilty, wouldn’t the next phase have been sentencing? Who and at what point does the A. plea surface? Defense? Prosecutor? What about Annie’s rights? Didn’t she deserve the entire gamut of options, least of which should have been the cop out plea. Could her family have rejected it? Guys, you left this out and instead blabbed and blabbed about emotioms. I’m still shaking my head.

    On a positive note, waiting patiently for episode 2 of Jon Benet case. I ate it up, every single morsel. Why was that? Because you broke down every last minute detail of lthe legalise of this case.


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