80. Diane Whipple — Who Let The Dogs Out

Alice and Brett return with the insane story of the death of Diane Whipple. A woman is mauled to death by two dogs, and the owners are charged with her death. But was it murder?


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One thought on “80. Diane Whipple — Who Let The Dogs Out

  1. Listened to this one today, great job on the coverage! I have something in common with Brett in that I was also attacked by a German Shepherd when I was young. It was my piano teacher’s dog and one I knew, so I don’t know why it happened but ever since then I’ve been terrified of them (and really any larger dog). Also your update on your personal and baby news was so touching, it made me cry. I wanted to thank you also for not shying away from asking for prayers and for including God in your conversation—in this age of “woke-ness” it’s refreshing to see someone do that.


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