59. Asha Degree Part 2

We conclude our investigation into the disappearance of Asha Degree. Did she run away, or did someone trick her? #truecrime

3 thoughts on “59. Asha Degree Part 2

  1. I believe she went to meet someone known to the family. The picture may have been given to her to lure her out of the house.
    Maybe she believes it was a cousin she never met.
    Could be someone from the church. There is a lot of child abuse in religious communities.


  2. Has anyone ever checked any computers she may have had access to? I’m a little older than Asha and a big thing around that time were chatrooms. They weren’t as regulated as they are now, and a huge problem back then were adults posing as kids in these chatrooms. Could that have been a factor? I don’t remember hearing about whether anyone checked computers or any chatrooms she may have been in. And most schools at that time had computers and people had computers at home.


  3. I feel that most parents trust their “church family members” & may let their guard down when folks interact with their children. This would also be true for children. Possible that Asha was lured away by a church aquaintance?


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