6 thoughts on “52. Scott Peterson Part 2

  1. I had to leave a comment of the conversation I had with my husband while telling him about this episode. He said he absolutely thinks you could be too cold to golf and not too cold to go boating. His reasoning was you can’t bundle up to golf, because you want to be able to have a full swing of the clubs so a big jacket would restrict your arms and therefore restrict your swing. However, on the ocean you could bundle up and wear a big coat, etc.
    Curious if we know anything about Scott’s clothing that day, did he mention layering with a coat at any point?

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      1. Totally agree with the not too cold to fish. It’s something you do when it’s cold out. As a fisherwoman and a husband who does both. Totally something he would do is make that choice


    1. Let us not forget, even Laci’s step dad admitted that he also went boating that morning. My understanding is that he is an avid boater, so to me, this is not that far fetched.


  2. I recall something Lacy’s mom said that seems to go along with the things you are saying about Scott’s odd comments and them not matching what a person in his shoes would logically say. She said, when Scott first called her, “Lacy’s missing”. She thought that was an odd statement. Rather than saying, I don’t know where Lacy is or do you know where Lacy is, her car is here but she’s not. I’ve waited a little while but now I’m getting a little concerned. And the dog was wandering around with his leash on… he said none of these things to her.


  3. she may be looking at “warmer” weather stuff, but remember it is California/ You mention “snow” but that is more your area than California


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