4 thoughts on “4. Elisa Lam Ep. 3

  1. I thought that the episodes on the Elisa Lam case were great. I’d like to add two comments. The first is about the drug quetiapine (pronounced ‘quet-eye-a-peen’)- I take this medication, and although it is an anti-psychotic, it is also prescribed for sleep problems. If you take this drug, it is usually recommended that you take it at night because it makes you incredibly drowsy. If I suddenly stop taking Quetiapine, there is no way I can sleep at all. (As an aside, withdrawal from this drug makes you incredibly itchy!). Because Elisa didn’t have traces of this prescribed drug in her system, it makes me think that she probably didn’t sleep for at least a couple of nights before the incident. This possibly contributed to her odd behaviour with her room-mates at the hotel. My other comment is just to leave a link to a short Australian film that I saw many years ago involving a girl drowning in a water tank. When I first heard about the Elisa Lam case I immediately thought of this film because it left quite an impact on me all those years ago. Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VE1Uy4NjAIs


  2. I’m so late here, but just listening to these episodes. I was a case manager in community mental health and working entirely with individuals who were not taking their meds as prescribed. they actually seemed to end up in crisis more often when they’d randomly take their meds more than when they were completely off their meds. having seen a few of them interact with hallucinations, I lean towards the belief Elisa was interacting with a hallucination in the elevator. I once saw one of my guys carry on an entire conversation with “a police officer.” who was definitely not standing in front of us, but that was his reality.


  3. I learned about your podcast when listening to The Jordan Harbinger Show. I wanted to just leave a comment to let you know I really have enjoyed listening to the first 4 episodes! I started at the beginning and plan to listen to all of them. Thanks Alice and Brett for a smart, intelligent conversation!


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