118. JonBenét Ramsey Part 4

We examine the ransom note, the weird things about it, and what kind of person might have written it.

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115. JonBenét Ramsey Part 1 of ? — Cold Blows the Wind

It’s perhaps the most famous case in American true crime. Who murdered JonBenét Ramsey?
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The Ransom Note

Autopsy Photos (graphic; viewer discretion advised)

Skull fracture

Ligature 1

Ligature 2


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113. The Khamar Daban Incident Part 1 of 2 — Let It Go

An experienced group of hikers die mysteriously on a lonely mountain in Russia. But unlike Dyatlov Pass, this time, someone survived to tell the tale. And the story she told will blow your mind.



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109. Delphi Update

Is this the break we’ve been waiting for in the murders of Abby and Libby?

Investigators would like any individual that communicated with, met, or attempted to meet the anthony_shots profile to contact law enforcement by utilizing the tip email/phone number: abbyandlibbytip@cacoshrf.com or 765-822-3535. Please provide as much information as you possibly can. For example, when you communicated with anthony_shots, how you communicated with the profile, what social media applications the account used, and if anthony_shots attempted to meet you or obtain your address. If you have saved images or conversations with the anthony_shots profile, please attach them to your email.

Please view the attached link to the Indiana State Police YouTube Channel to view a video version of the press release.


108. The Death of Blair Adams — Don’t Fear the Reaper

A Canadian man empties out his bank account of money and valuables and flees, certain that someone is trying to kill him. Thousands of miles away, someone succeeds. Who killed Blair Adams?


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105. Laura Dickinson — School’s Out

When Eastern Michigan University student Laura Dickinson was found dead in her dorm room from natural causes, her friends and family were shocked. But when they found out the truth, shock turned to rage.



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102. Carlos Ortiz and Tara Rosado Part 1 of 2 — Cocaine

They call them square groupers, and they are the most valuable catch a fisherman can pull into his boat. But reel one in, and you might just find yourself murdered.


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