85. Darlie Routier Part 1 — Texas Two Step

Darlie Routier Part 1 — Texas Two Step

In the early morning of June 6, 1996, Darlie Routier makes a desperate 911 call to report that her two oldest boys have been stabbed and her throat cut. So her family and neighbors are shocked when she is arrested for the crime. But did the police get it right?


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3 thoughts on “85. Darlie Routier Part 1 — Texas Two Step

  1. I listened to the podcast you did on this case. Have you ever considered her sister? She knew the house, smoked in the garage… was overweight, and had brown hair to her shoulders. She was known to have anger issues… was probably jealous of Darlie (they were both planning weddings)… she may have had a thing for Darin, and thought if Darlie and the older boys were out of the way she could raise the baby, and still have Darin support her. She could have cut the screen when she was over that night… there wasn’t a rape, the person was familiar with the house and the back gate. She may have drugged her before she left that night.. knew she could just sneak in and use the kitchen knife. Every odd piece of evidence can be answered by the sister being involved.


  2. Yall… Darlie Routier did not almost die. Alice, you said that. I’m relistening, a fan for sure. The measurement of her wound to her carotid artery is irrelevant. Why? Because first responders would have intervened. Anyway, if she had almost died, she would have put a towel on her.neck as she actually did. I was really surprised to hear “what if”. It didn’t happen and is not part of the facts.


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