6 thoughts on “55. Scott Peterson Part 4

  1. Love you guys! I enjoy hearing you say what I am thinking.

    I really dislike Scott but, love this case! I’m wondering if there was more information on previous girlfriends of Scott? You mentioned three and one of whom walked into Scott and Lacis bedroom. What happened after this incident?… I guess I’m just surprised that we haven’t heard from other woman and from maybe someone Lacy confided in regarding these affairs.

    I’d love to know more about Scott’s history and behavior prior to meeting Laci and during their relationship, especially pertaining to treatment of the woman.

    There is just too many coincidences in this case for me to not see Scott as guilty. He definitely has antisocial behavior, narcissism and appears to fit the definition of a psychopath.

    Lastly, I was listening to a podcast called The Kennedys and was fascinated by the death of Marilyn Monroe and how many people seemed to be involved. From my understanding, a lot of evidence and documents have been destroyed but, I was wondering if you ever considered covering her death?

    Thank you!


  2. I am absolutely addicted to your amazing podcast.
    I followed this case in real time, read all local newspapers and coverage. Mark Geragos provided reasonable doubt in my opinion even though I thought Scott was guilty.
    Even on episode 4, I still feel reasonable doubt.
    Great coverage.
    I was wondering if you might look at the case of State of Texas versus Darlie Routier…this one just doesn’t sit right with me.
    Brett, love your southern accent and Alice, I love your laugh.💜💙


  3. You mention that Scott is the one who used the mop and bucket to clean up what-have-you, but it wasn’t blood.

    When someone dies, their bladder and/or bowels can and often do release. Did it occur to anyone that that’s what he was cleaning up?

    The same thing with the Watts case. He said the girls complained about the smell in the truck. This is gross, but Shannan complained of constipation during pregnancy. Once she died her bowels could have released which may have explained the smell.



  4. hey Y’all … just new to this podcast and really loving it. I’ve been looking for a true crime podcast that primarily discusses the evidence of a case from a legal perspective, not just speculation. Also I had to chuckle at the beginning of this episode because, if your comment about “full … body … chills” is a reference to what I think it is (another true crime podcast “co”-host?) then I 1000% agree! 😀
    Keep up the awesome work guys!
    Cheers from Australia!


  5. She would have delivered the baby likely quickly after death….which would be a mess. Which is where lack of evidence makes me believe him.


  6. And to put a body conceal it in an aluminum boat….dump in the bay in broad daylight….unlikely. I do think he’s a jerk and gross man but I don’t think the evidence suggests he murdered her. It just doesn’t add up. I’m a crime junkie and it’s just not there. It doesn’t make sense.


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