Legal Briefs 11. Deshaun Watson and Arbitration

In this episode, we tackle some civil law. The arbitrator’s decision in the NFL v. Deshaun Watson case created a firestorm. Why did the arbitrator do what she did, did she get it right, and what’s next? Update: We speculated that the NFL might not want to appeal because no one wants Roger Goodell to hear the case. The NFL did appeal, and Goodell promptly stepped aside. So the appeal will be heard by yet another independent arbitrator. We will keep you informed as this interesting case develops.

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Read the Arbitrator’s Report.


Legal Briefs 03. The Lawyer Dog

Did a man really miss out on a lawyer because he asked for a “lawyer, dog” instead of just asking for a “lawyer”? And we read an insightful email on the Dammion Heard case. For more on the need to clearly invoke your right to a lawyer, read Davis v. United States, which held:

We decline petitioner’s invitation to extend Edwards and require law enforcement officers to cease questioning immediately upon the making of an ambiguous or equivocal reference to an attorney… [W]e held in Miranda that a suspect is entitled to the assistance of counsel during custodial interrogation even though the Constitution does not provide for such assistance. We held in Edwards that, if the suspect invokes the right to counsel at any time, the police must immediately cease questioning him until an attorney is present. But we are unwilling to create a third layer of prophylaxis to prevent police questioning when the suspect might want a lawyer. Unless the suspect actually requests an attorney, questioning may continue.